Friday, August 8, 2008

Painting and Meditation

When the night falls, and the world dreams, my connection to creative energy comes into existence. Peaceful, quiet, with no pressures from the outside world, my only sacrifice: sleep.

It is then I paint. First, putting my hands on the canvas, and letting the energy speak to me. I begin to paint, first with deliberation, and then gradually progressing into rapid succession of strokes. I become a conduit for the painting: it is no longer only me.

When dawn's fingers gently appear, and I at last drop my brush with exhaustion, I finally see the work. Sometimes it startles me, often it makes me feel complete.

With that, I stumble to bed, complete in creation, covered with paint.

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art and beautiful junk said...

I love the look. It's amazing. Last night I figured out how to get the blog noticed. Go to google or yahoo and type in "submit blog" Then use all the free engines. Do you know what a rss feed is? I'm still working on that one. Looks great.